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​5 Foods to Eat on Your Patio

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The Patio, The Best Place To Enjoy Family, Friends, and Food!
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Food just tastes better outside. There’s something about the fresh air that makes me want to dine al fresco every chance I get. Before the summer heat gets out of control, I’m making a goal to enjoy the warm, sunny afternoons and cool evenings. If you’re planning to sit on your patio, too, I hope these meal and recipe ideas inspire you.


Dips and spreads are perfect for outdoor snacking. You can pile a few different dippers onto a platter and be ready to serve to friends or enjoy alone. The garden vegetables with white wine cheeseball has a fresh flavor and a creamy consistency. Slice peppers and cucumbers into long strips and tear a loaf of fresh bread into easy-to-dip pieces. Pour the rest of the wine into a few glasses and get ready to enjoy a peaceful evening on the patio.

Tip: A dish made especially for cheeseballs will keep your creation cool and safe to eat and a set of mini spreading knives make it easy for everyone to dip.

Grilled Desserts

If you’re firing up the grill for dinner, why not keep the flame going for dessert? It’s not every day that you can enjoy grilled pineapple or grilled pound cake with strawberries.

Deviled eggs

Deviled eggs may be a classic picnic companion, but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring. Spice up the regular egg routine with one of our deviled egg seasoning mixes.


Eating breakfast outside during the week might sound ambitious to you. If so, you may like the idea of preparing a big springtime brunch for the weekend and serving it on the patio. Keep it simple with a batch of scones, bacon and eggs. Coffee and orange juice round out the meal.

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We saved the best for last. An icy cold (spiked) drink feels like a special treat when you get to enjoy it on the front patio, taking in the neighborhood happenings. We have a flavor for any mood or craving you have.

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