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Blast From The Past

Rabbit Creek News from the Past!We are really enjoying looking through our Rabbit Creek memories!  We found one of our Rabbit Creek News letters from 1994.  How fun is it to see the faces of our team from back in 1994 and the products that we were getting ready to share. The news letter is [...]

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Whats In Your Garden?

Gardening with Donna!It's that time of year and here at Rabbit Creek we are planning out our garden.  This got me thinking that maybe we should actually know how to plant a good garden. I don't know about you but, we LOVE our veggies and dips all year long however there is something to be [...]

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Rabbit Creeks-Social Wall.

Rabbit Creeks "Social Wall" of our history, people and events!So as I watched a little television the other night, something I hardly ever do, a commercial caught my attention. I know you have seen it, you know the one where the, "older ladies" are talking about posting vacation pictures to their actual living-room walls. If [...]

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Welcome to the Official Rabbit Creek Products Blog!

Welcome to Rabbit Creek Products Blog!  Hi there, and welcome to the official blog of Rabbit Creek Products! We’re excited to meet you as well as share our favorite products and recipes with you, but first, let us take a moment to introduce ourselves! Who We Are At Rabbit Creek! Rabbit Creek Products is named after a charming little creek [...]

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