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​Classic Pies and Fresh takes on Thanksgiving Desserts

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What will your dessert table look like this Thanksgiving? You know there will be a pumpkin pie, vanilla ice cream and pecan bars. You’ll likely have the traditional Thanksgiving sweet treats, but what will you do to spice up the spread of sugary delights? This year, you might want to upgrade your annual favorites or add a new dish to the menu. We’re here to help with new ideas for your holiday desserts.

Rabbit Creek Pumpkin Pie

Fresh spins on classic flavors

Pumpkin pie is a must-have, but who could turn down pumpkin ice cream? This pumpkin pecan ice cream will impress your family and friends.

Take it easy with a no-bake pie. Our pumpkin cheesecake is so easy to make and even more delicious. There’s a rich and creamy texture with the pumpkin spices that you know and love this fall season.

Apple desserts are excellent at this time of year. Instead of the usual apple pie or crisp, try a loaf of our cinnamon apple quick bread. Bonus tip: Buy a few extra mixes and keep them on hand for family members who fall in love with this dessert!

New dessert traditions

Cranberries and pecans are two of the darlings of the holiday season. This cheese ball mix combines the two ingredients in a sweet treat that’s easy to share. Throw some graham crackers, apples and vanilla wafers on a serving plate with your cheese ball for a nice appetizer or dessert.

Chocolate lovers deserve a dessert after the Thanksgiving meal, too. Rich brownies are the perfect way to cap off your meal.

Rabbit Creek Pie

Traditional pie tips

Instead of scooping the pumpkin puree out of the can and straight into the mixing bowl, try roasting it first. This simple step adds a new dimension to the pie. Read how to roast your pumpkin here.

Did you know that there is an American Pie Council? They provide a list of basic tips for making a great pie, such as baking your pie in the lower third of the oven to make sure that your bottom crust is cooked properly.

The author of the baking bible offers 5 excellent tips for making your best Thanksgiving pies yet.