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Cookies, Cookies and More Cookies!

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Chocolate Chip Cookies Rabbit Creek

Today’s topic happens to be one of my favorites. Today, we’re talking about the cookie and all of its glory. Everyone has a favorite (or two...or three) type of cookie. Let's take a quick tour of the incredible world of cookies. Check out some interesting facts and new ideas for enjoying this sweet treat.

Cookie Crazy Trivia

The classic chocolate chip cookie was an accident! Ruth Wakefield added broken chocolate bar pieces to her cookie mix. When they did not melt as she expected, the recipe became a new sensation, being placed in a Boston newspaper and, later, in her cookbook.

There is a day devoted to celebrating the Oreo. National Oreo Day is recognized on the 6th of March every year. More than 450 billion of the famous black and white sandwich cookies have been sold worldwide since their debut in 1912.

The Girl Scout cookie tradition traces back to the 1920s and 1930s when troops across the country baked batches of sugar cookies to raise money for their activities. Today, the Girl Scouts sell nearly 200 million packages every year!

Take your cookie to the next level:

Rabbit Creek Cookies

Cookies are delicious. S’mores are fun. Step up your game and combine the two summertime treats by trading graham crackers for any sturdy cookie.

Homemade ice cream sandwiches might be one of the most underrated treats for a hot day. They’re simple to make, and it is even easier to customize them. Do you like the salty and sweet combination? Grab a gallon of salted caramel ice cream and sandwich it between pretzel chocolate chip cookies. Are you a chocoholic? Whip up a batch of dark chocolate cookies. The options are endless.

Ready for a New Flavor Cookie from Rabbit Creek?

Cookies are loved by all, there is no denying that fact. Rabbit Creek is excited 

Apple Butter Snickerdoodle Cookie Mix

to announce it's newest flavor sure to please them all. Apple Butter Snickerdoodle Cookie Mix is now available and we just know you will fall in love. They are the perfect blend of cinnamon, apple and sugary goodness. Bake a batch for after school, start a fun family tradition and bake them together with your little ones or stock up on mix boxes to give as holiday gifts. You can't go wrong. We'd love to hear what you think of them on Facebook!