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Finding the Right Recipes for Kids

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Have you ever tried a recipe that just flopped? Maybe the timing was difficult or a substitute ingredient made things questionable. Maybe it took a skill or tool you haven’t mastered yet. If you have struggled in the kitchen a time or two, it’s easy to see that young chefs need to be careful about their recipe choice, too.  

Kids who want to cook up a storm may need a little help finding the right recipes for their skills and experience. You need to make sure the steps are safe depending on the ages of your chefs-in-training.

Rabbit Creek Kids RecipesThink about these factors before letting your kids loose on a recipe:

  1. Age - A toddler might help with a simple snack, but a teenager can probably handle most of a full meal.
  2. Kitchen Experience - Are your kids comfortable in the kitchen, or are they younger and just getting started?
  3. Utensils and Appliances required - Can they safely use all the appliances it would take for this meal, or would they need your help?
  4. Safety - Does this recipe call for a hot oven, sharp knives or handling raw meat?
  5. Tastes and Ingredients - Will your kids enjoy the finished product? They don’t have to love it, but they should at least be comfortable with the ingredients and flavors.

After you’ve gone through those items and narrowed down your recipe selection, it’s time to get going!

Tips for helping the little cooks and bakers get to work:

  1. Make sure the recipe is easy to read and follow. Looking at the recipe on a cell phone might be a challenge, but a tablet on a kitchen stand could be helpful. A print-out or kids recipe book are also good options.
  2. Read through the recipe with them. Answer questions and explain any new processes.
  3. Help them find ingredients and tools.
  4. Start working on the creation, offering help as they need it!

Have you found any great recipes for your kids to make? Share them with us in the comments!