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Halloween Treats

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Halloween is such a fun time for kids and families to get creative with decorations, costumes and yes, treats! Try out these tasty goodies for your Halloween party or to hand out to trick-or-treaters.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Acorns

Only a few ingredients are needed for this fall treat-- our Peanut Butter Cookie Mix, mini milk chocolate chips and Hershey’s Chocolate Kisses. To start, whip up a batch of cookies using about ¼ teaspoon of dough for each. Once baked, slowly melt a few milk chocolate chips using a double boiler or low microwave heat. Dip the bottom of each baked cookie into melted chocolate to adhere the Kiss to the bottom of the cookie. Using this same method, adhere a mini chocolate chip to the top of the cookie to create the acorn’s stem. Let cool, and enjoy!

Spider Oreos

This kid-approved treat is super easy to make! You’ll need the following ingredients: Regular Oreos (or orange cream-filled Halloween Oreos!), M&Ms, frosting and pretzel sticks. Break the pretzel sticks in half, and press four into the cream filling on either side of the cookie. These will be your spider legs. Use the icing to adhere the M&M “eyeballs,” and voila! A simple, fun and tasty snack that requires no preparation or heat!

Owl Brownies

Have leftover Oreos, M&Ms and frosting from making Spider Oreos? Owl Brownies are the perfect solution to using up your extra ingredients! Choose any one of our yummy brownie mixes, bake and let cool. Spread your choice of icing on the top of the finished batch. Twist off the top of two Oreos, and place them with cream side facing upward. These will be the owl eyes. Using your leftover icing, stick the M&Ms on the Oreo cream toward the center of each cookie to create pupils. Finish your creation by placing an orange M&M right below the Oreos to create a nose. Quick, simple and fun!

Getting into the Halloween spirit is easy with fun costumes, spooky parties and delicious goodies. Whether you choose to share or keep some for yourself, making any (or all) of these treats will make your home a favorite destination this Halloween!