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​Healthy back to School Breakfasts

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Rise and shine! We’re hopping on the bus and rolling straight into the school year, but we’re not going anywhere until we’ve hit the books. Today, our lesson is on healthy breakfasts for the kids. Their bodies (and ours) need the right kind of fuel to energize them for the day.

Today we’re sharing a range of breakfast options that you can refer to throughout the school year. Read on for quick breakfasts, make-ahead morning meals, and more. No matter what kind of week you’re facing, you can make sure there is a nutritious breakfast ready to help you and your family start the day on the right track.

Make-Ahead Breakfasts

Sleep in an extra ten minutes one week when you spend an hour making breakfast on Sunday. One of the best breakfasts you can prepare ahead of time is muffins. Muffins can be sweet or savory and kids lve muffins!

Breakfast Quesadillas

You can prep all the ingredients one day, assemble the quesadillas, and freeze. Pull one out on a hectic morning and heat it up in the skillet for a warm, tasty meal. I like using scrambled eggs, black beans, salsa, cheese and peppers.

Smoothie Packs

If your family is hooked on smoothies, try prepping your fruit and ingredients on the weekend. Mix up your frozen fruit and seal up in sandwich bags and stack in the freezer. Before you head out the door, just pull out a bag, add milk or yogurt, and blend!

Quick On the Go Breakfasts

Did you hit the snooze button a few times too many? Have the ingredients ready for these superspeed morning meals.

Ham and Cheese

The classic kid-friendly ham and cheese sandwich takes a healthy turn for breakfast by swapping an english muffin for the bread and adding a fried or scrambled egg. Stick this in the toaster oven or griddle for a fast warm meal.

Super-Speedy Scrambled Eggs

Pop your eggs in the microwave and top with fresh tomato and a side of toast.

Breakfasts Kids Can Make On Their Own

Show the kids the ropes and let them create their own breakfasts -- maybe they’ll make yours too!

Ultimate Parfaits

Let kids layer yogurt (regular or greek), chopped fruit, nuts, and granola. Set out fun jars or containers and let them toss a few chocolate chips or sprinkles on top.

Banana Pops

Kids just peel the banana, slather peanut (or almond) butter over it, and dip it in granola. Put it on a popsicle stick and you’re ready for the day!

Improve Your Favorite Breakfasts:

Instead of bacon, try canadian bacon or ham.

Swap your basic cereal for a bowl of quinoa and oatmeal mix.

Leave french toast behind and opt for whole wheat toast with cinnamon sugar during the school week.