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Homemade bread to complement soups

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Homemade bread to complement soups

A loaf of crusty bread and a bowl of steaming hot soup are a match made in heaven. We know that grilled cheese pairs with tomato soup, but pairing other soups can be a little more tricky. For instance, what bread complements a bowl of enchilada con queso soup? Check our tips and inspiration for matching soups and bread to make a tasty, full meal.

What bread complements beer cheese soup?

A rich, creamy beer cheese soup is comforting, but it can be lacking in the spice department. Bake a loaf of buffalo wing beer bread and cut into thick slices. The kick of the bread contrasts nicely with the smooth, cheesy soup.

What soup pairs with a pretzel bun?

Pretzel bread has a nice texture and it won’t crumble apart if you dip it right into your bowl of soup. Dunk your pretzel bun into a batch of fresh vegetable soup. The heavy bread goes well with the brothy soup.

What bread complements chicken enchilada soup?

Any cornbread would taste excellent with the creamy, spicy, southwest flavors you find in an enchilada soup. Whether you like your cornbread moist, full of corn kernels, or spotted with diced jalapenos, it will taste just right with the zesty soup.

What soup pairs with tomato soup?

Yes, we know that grilled cheese is the number one and possibly the only bread that should be served with tomato soup. It’s time to upgrade your grilled cheese sandwich to one of these creative takes on a classic.

What bread complements chili?

Chili is the star soup of the winter months and cornbread is its sidekick. While cornbread is a great option, we know that some people are fond of the salty and sweet combo. Cinnamon rolls are a surprising but delicious match. We like to whip up a pan of cinnamon swirl quickbread to serve warm with chili.