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​In a Rut in The Kitchen?

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Have you found yourself in a bit of a rut in the kitchen? Everyone has felt stuck when choosing recipes at home at one point or another. If you feel like you’ve been making the same meals on repeat, it is time to put a little twist in your normal kitchen routine.

Change up your sad, basic meal plans this week. Even small changes can make eating at home more enjoyable!

Tired Of:

Plain old muffins for breakfast

Try This:

Muffin tops. Find a muffin top pan and pour your favorite batter into it for a new shape.

Add streusel topping.

Make a simple glaze and pour it over warm muffins.

Tired of:


Try This:

Top your toast with sliced avocado and a poached egg.

Whip ricotta and honey for a sweet morning treat.

Sprinkle garlic salt on your fresh buttered toast to take your morning toast to dinner.

Cinnamon toast is a classic.

Pick up a fresh loaf of bread flavored with fresh ingredients such as olives, cheese, or herbs. Even better, bake a loaf at home and enjoy the scent of fresh bread!

Tired of:

Typical cheese and veggie trays for parties

Try This:

Mix up a cheese ball and chill before the party. The savory herb cheese ball is perfect for an appetizer.

Add a mix of dry cured meats and dried fruits to your cheese platter.

The cheesy spinach dip is a fresh addition to your tray full of baby carrots and cherry tomatoes.

Tired of:

The same old sandwich

Try This:

Add a cup of hot soup for a light, but filling meal.

Make a new sandwich spread to kick up the flavor on your regular turkey or ham sandwich. The buffalo ranch veggie dip would taste great on a chicken sandwich.

Add a simple caprese salad.