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It’s Margarita Time

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Who doesn’t love a delicious margarita? 

Rabbit Creek Party Bag Margarita Slush Mix

They are the perfect accompaniment to any Mexican meal but also for sipping on a patio with friends. Making a margarita at home can be quite the project. Squeezing lime juice and making simple syrup is enough to call it a day. Well, all of us at Rabbit Creek felt it was time to shake things up. In line with all our other easy mixes, we decided to create a fast and mouthwatering margarita option you can make at home with ease whenever you feel the craving.

What you need for your Rabbit Creek Margarita Slush

Keeping a Rabbit Creek Margarita Slush Mix in the pantry is a good way to be the life of the party anytime. The beauty of our mix is the ease with which it comes together. You only need three additional ingredients.

  • Ice
  • Tequila
  • Water

Combine the mix, ice, 1 cup tequila, 1 cup water and blend. Line your glass rim with salt and lime if you prefer and savor the icy cool flavor of your next favorite cocktail. Margaritas on demand are the perfect way to get a celebration started.

Rabbit Creek

Rabbit Creek Slush Mixes

If margaritas are not your “cup of tea” we’ve got good news for you. Our new line of slush mixes will please any palate. Eight flavor options: Mojito, Blue Hawaiian, Chocolate Martini, Cosmopolitan, Lemoncello, Peach Sangria, Red Sangria and of course Margarita are available. Each mix comes in a Party or Bitch Bag packaging and is the perfect gift option. Easy online ordering makes them an excellent holiday or special occasion treat to send to friends or family. They will love you for it. Be sure to keep several options on hand for the next time an unexpected guest arrives. You can pull out your Party Bag for an instant party. 

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