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Keeping it Cool With Summer Time Recipes

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When the days are hot and steamy, nothing sounds less appealing than coming home to turn on the oven. Heating up the kitchen can be pretty uncomfortable. The hot summer days have moved in and they’re staying awhile. Welcome them by serving up cool, refreshing meals and snacks. In the heat of the summer months, a cold dish is just what you need.

We’re showing some simple ways to stay cool and fight the heat this summer. Oven not required.

Happy appetizers.

We all have a go-to recipe for party snacks and appetizers for hosting. Most of mine are hot. This summer, though, I switched to cool dips and easy bites that don’t need much prep time. I love whipping up a simple dip for veggies and chips. A cheese ball is a crowd-pleaser, and the preparation couldn’t be much simpler.

Hosting tip: Keep a few extra dip mixes on hand next to unopened bags of chips or crackers. When people stop over unexpected, you’ll be the host with the most and snacks ready to go! The dill veggie dip is a safe bet.

Ice cold refreshments:

This summer, try a new twist on your standard summer drink. Add mint or basil to your lemonade for a fresh, herbal bite. Ginger and lemon are great partners for your iced tea.

Tropical Chicken SaladPicnic fair:

Everyone knows that chicken salad packs well for picnics and outdoor occasions, but few of us spice up our standard chicken salad recipe! I love adding avocado to mine and replacing some of the mayonnaise with greek yogurt. Some people get creative by adding grapes, apples, almonds or other fruits and nuts. If you typically eat yours between two slices of bread, try pita bread, spinach wraps, or lettuce wraps. Wheat crackers or melba toast are tasty options, too. We make a tropical chicken salad mix that does the work for you!

The deviled egg has stood the test of time, and there are good reasons why people love this tiny, creamy protein-packed snack. Step away from the standard mustard mix and give it a new flair with a spicy bacon or parmesan cheese deviled egg mix.