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Let Me Count the Ways: How to Top Your Waffles

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What’s more fun than loading up your breakfast plate with candies, sauce, fruit and more? We love starting our morning with a little creativity and excitement. Choosing your toppings is a nice way to create the exact mix of flavors that sounds good to you; It’s a custom breakfast made just for you.

Waffles are a great base for your topping. They’re warm, light and fluffy. You can even customize your waffle with healthy ingredients; nuts, peanut or almond butters, or fruit. What comes next? Butter and syrup.

At this point, your waffle is ready for you to spice it up with your favorite toppings.

Take your waffle to the next level with some of these ideas.

Let these spark your imagination; We know you’ll have even more fun ideas to share with us in our May recipe contest.

  • Elvis had a good thing going with his favorite snack. Turn his classic sandwich into a breakfast favorite with honey, peanut butter, and bananas.
  • Make a savory dish for your next brunch with bacon and a fried egg to top off your waffle. A splash of hot sauce is perfect with this.
  • Nutella never hurt anything, and it sure doesn’t do bad things for a fresh, warm waffle. Strawberries would be great with this one, too.
  • Fresh fruit can add a serious punch to your waffles. Think about blackberries, blueberries and mango. Fresh whipped cream can take this one up a notch.
  • Don’t forget your syrup. Look for special flavors and give one a shot.
  • Kids love sprinkles, so let them have at it for a special occasion. Set out chocolate chips, sprinkles, nuts and chocolate sauce, then let them have fun making their own “waffle sundae”.
  • Spice up the classic toppings. You might try cinnamon sugar butter, maple cream cheese, or jams. Grab greek yogurt to pair with fruit and toasted nuts for any combo.


Rabbit Creek Waffle Contest

This list is only a starting point. We can’t wait to hear the awesome ways you eat your waffles. Send them in before May 28!