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​One Meal, Seven Ways

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Do you ever get stuck in a cooking rut? Maybe you rotate the same two or three recipes from week to week. Maybe you’re so tired of that one meal that you can’t imagine making it one more time. If this sounds familiar, you might need to look at your go-to recipes with fresh eyes. We’re sharing a recipe that’s so easy you won’t believe it. Then, we’re sharing 4 ways to serve that meal to keep things interesting throughout the week.

The Base

We’re starting off with a too-simple-to-be-true Corn Chowder with Roasted Garlic Rabbit Creek Soup Mix. Add milk to our mix and seasoning packet, bring to a boil, reduce and simmer, and you’re done! Now, you have a big batch of soup that will serve the whole family for dinner. If you’re just serving one or two, you can save this soup and serve it throughout the week using our ideas.

Rabbit Creek Corn Chowder

Seven Ways to Make Your Soup a Meal

  1. Add Protein - Add bacon or shrimp to our corn chowder for a little more substance. This should help fill you up. Italian sausage is another great choice.
  2. Whip up an appetizer - Before you get to the main course, snack on a starter. We love toasted baguettes with bruschetta, ricotta and lemon, or hummus.
  3. Serve it for brunch - You may think of soup as a lunch and dinner affair, but it can pair quite nicely with quiche. Make a batch of soup and a quiche at the start of the week, and you’ll be able to mix and match the leftovers throughout the week.
  4. Ladle it over grains - Since this soup is creamy, it is a great addition to a hearty grain. Cook up barley, brown rice, or bulgur and spoon your chowder over it.
  5. Add Crunch - Crusty bread, croutons, or crackers add a new texture to this creamy soup.
  6. Stack a Sandwich - A grilled panini rounds out this corn chowder; It’s a filling dinner for a chilly fall evening. Use the meats and cheeses in your fridge on fresh bread.
  7. Serve a Salad - Soup and salad is a classic combo - for a reason. Think outside the box. Maybe a tomato and mozzarella salad sounds good for dinner tonight. If you normally buy romaine lettuce, try arugula or spring mix. Instead of your Italian dressing, try mixing your own.

Change is Good

Here at Rabbit Creek we love to help you change things up and make your meals always interesting. All of us can get stuck in a rut, especially if you cook every night. Browse our website for many great options for meals, breads, salads, desserts and more. And when you just don't have the energy to cook from scratch, let Rabbit Creek help you out. Keep that pantry stocked with options from Rabbit Creek.