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​On-The-Run-Foods for any Summer Situation

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Sometimes the summer months seem to be in fast forward, while other times feel like my life is in slow motion. I have busy days mixed in with calm, relaxing moments. This is a nice mix. When those hectic moments sneak up on me, I like to have quick, handy foods ready to go; But when I’m chilling out and enjoying the slow summer days, I also like to have easy-to-make snacks and dishes in the pantry.

Here are the foods I like to keep close by for any summer situation that pops up:

Car snacks:

When you’re rushing out the door, make life easier by having a batch of fruit cut-up and pre-mixed. You can save a lot of money by buying your favorite fruits and preparing it yourself. Wash and cut your fruit before mixing it up and saving it in small tupperware containers. The cold fruit is refreshing on a hot day.

Quick breakfasts when you need an energy boost:

Make sure your coffee supply is stocked and you have a few muffin mixes in the cabinet. These cappuccino with chocolate chip muffins pack punch and they go great with a cup of hot coffee.

Poolside snacks:

Keep the supplies for a big batch of chex mix ready for the spontaneous pool day. Add your favorite mix-ins like popcorn, candies, dried fruit, or cereal. You can even make a traditional chex mix and add a special seasoning mix.

blueberry and lemon chardonnay bread

Last-minute desserts to bring to a party:

When a friend invites you over for a get together, don’t panic. Just mix up a loaf of blueberry and lemon chardonnay bread and get ready for all the party-goers to ask for the recipe. Add a bottle of wine and you’re ready for the night.

Refreshing hydrators:

Instead of stopping at the gas station for an iced tea or a soda every day, make a cheaper and healthier drink with water and fruit. You can grab a bottle or a pitcher made to infuse fruit into your ice water.

What are your favorite on-the-go snacks for the hot summer months?