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​Pack a Winning Lunch

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Remember sitting down in the cafeteria, opening your lunch box, and inspecting the contents carefully before swapping items with a classmate? If roles have reversed and you are now packing those lunches for little hands, we have good news. Making a lunch that the kids love and that is healthy is not impossible. Actually, it’s simple when you do a bit of prep work and think about your plan of attack before the week begins.

Here’s your guide to making healthy, simple lunches for your kids all school year!

Must-Do Tasks for Easy Lunches:

  1. Prepare as much as you can before Monday. If you do your grocery shopping on Sunday, make sure you’ve made your list before you hit the grocery aisles. At the beginning of the year, it’s important to have a plan so you don’t end up forgetting what you need.
  2. Pack a mix of healthy snacks. Kids don’t need a huge helping at lunch time, but they do need the right kind of fuel for their day. When you throw in a little bit of several different foods, your kids stay interested in their brown bag lunches. We’ll show you how to pack a mix of great foods below.
  3. Add something fun in every brown bag. Now, you don’t need to stick a candy bar or cookie in the bag every single day, but a small treat of some kind can really brighten your child’s day. Add a little note, a snack size candy bar, a sticker, or a healthy sweet treat.

If you want to stay ahead of the game, stock up on lunch foods now. You don’t want to open the pantry to find that there is nothing for lunch, so it’s best to fill the cabinet with basic ingredients that will last. Here are some of our favorite ideas for a fun, healthy lunch:

Seed Crunch With Blue BerriesGranolas and trail mixes

These snacks are full of nuts, oats, and fruit. We love the Seed Crunch with Blueberries. Pair this with greek yogurt for a treat the kids will love.


Graham crackers, wheat crackers, gluten-free crackers. Whatever your preference, the cracker is a staple in easy lunches. Keep a box around and add cheese, pepperoni, or deli meats for easy snacks. Your kids can dip graham crackers in peanut butter or spread hummus on pita crackers.


Your kids probably aren’t the biggest fans of munching on raw fruits and veggies. Help them out by putting a small container of dip in their lunch box. Our caramel apple fruit dip makes the apples that much more tasty.