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Save that Fresh Summer Flavor: Canning Fruits and Vegetables at Home

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As summer blazes on, it can be easy to start looking forward to crisp autumn days and cool breezes. Fall is a beloved season for many reasons, but the cooler months are missing out on one of our favorite perks of summer: fresh summertime fruits and vegetables.

We love visiting the farmer’s market or heading out to our gardens to gather baskets full of fresh tomatoes, peaches, corn and more. As fall and winter approach, though, fresh produce becomes harder and harder to find. That’s why canning fruits and vegetables at home is a lifesaver. You get to make the most of the season’s produce and save it for the times when a fresh, juicy peach is harder to find!

Why should I can fruit and vegetables at home?

  • use up your fruits and vegetables before they go bad
  • save money by keeping your food from going to waste
  • capture the fresh taste of summer to enjoy for the rest of the year
  • try new recipes for homemade salsas, pickles, jams, jellies and more
  • create healthier, cleaner homemade versions of your favorite store-bought goods
  • make unique gifts for friends, teachers, family and coworkers

What can I can?

  • fresh produce that you grow at home
  • fruits and vegetables from the local farmer’s stand or market
  • homemade salsa
  • pickled vegetables
  • pickles
  • apple butter
  • jam and jelly
  • fruit preserves
  • tomato sauce
  • pie filling

Canning Basics: How do I can fruits and vegetables?

When you’re ready to start canning at home, you’ll have to learn about process, the safety factors, and gather your materials. There are different methods of canning, but some are more safe than others. Before you get started, check out the safest ways to preserve your fresh fruits and veggies.

After you’ve gathered your supplies, you can choose the recipes you plan to make based on the fruits and vegetables that you’ve grown or found at local markets and stands. Here is one simple guide and there are several others online. Be sure to check the method to find a safe way to preserve your food.