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Spice up the Workday with New Snacks

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In my office, my snack drawer might be the most important space. Yes, you read that right. Out of all of the drawers, shelves and rooms in my workplace, I’d claim that the bottom drawer is the most crucial spot. That’s the drawer that holds my snacks. These snacks help to fuel me throughout the day; they give me a boost of energy and help me stay focused on the day’s work. If you’re anything like me, you know the importance of snacks. Today I’m going to help you refresh your array of snack options.

Snack Refresh: Homemade Chex Mix from your Croc Pot

Chex Mix from the store is good, but when it’s made from scratch, you can really taste the difference. It can be a long process baking Chex all day on low, but not if you break out your croc pot. This easy recipe will get you a big batch of fresh Chex mix that is crunchy and tasty with much less effort. You can add your favorites, like M&M’s or raisins after to change things up a bit. Your cubicle neighbors will be begging you to share.

Croc Pot Chex Mix

Warm it Up: Hot Beverages can get you through

Is your office set to a brisk 65 degrees? It’s hard to stay warm at your desk when you can only put on so many sweaters! I like to have a mid-afternoon break with a mug of any one of Rabbit Creek’s Gourmet Hot Cocoa Mixes. With options ranging from Peppermint to Raspberry and of course traditional, you can change it up every day of the week. Not feeling chocolatey? A steaming cup of apple cider might help carry you through a long fall day!

Salty Snack Attack

If you crave a bit of salt during the workday, it’s hard to avoid the bags of chips hanging in the vending machine. Do yourself a favor by packing mini carrots with hummus, roasted chickpeas, or deviled eggs. Rabbit Creek makes an amazing variety of Deviled Egg Mixes that couldn’t be easier to prepare and taste amazing.

They say that variety is the spice of life and having different options in your snack drawer can help you power through the mundane work day. Get with a work buddy and take turns bringing in something each week. It just might be the highlight of your day. Don’t forget to sip water throughout the day as well to stay alert and hydrated.

What are your favorite work week snack ideas? We’d love to hear from you!