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​Spring Garden Checklist: Get Ready to Grow

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As we settle into spring, you’re probably enjoying the flowering trees as much as I am. The bright colors of blooming tulips and the crisp white on the trees are sure signs that spring is here. No matter how green your thumb is or how intense your garden is, there are some tips that help gardeners of all levels get ready.

Rabbit Creek Garden SelectionsTake a peek at our simple checklist of tips for getting your garden ready; These ideas should trigger your memory as you get to work.

Prep the soil. Break up the soil and work to aerate it.

Remove debris. Remove any dead plants that stayed there through the winter.

Prune. Some trees, bushes and other perennials must be cut back in the spring to prepare them for growth again.

Read up. Every garden is different. Since there is no one answer for every garden, your best bet is to read about the conditions in your part of the country. Ask friends who garden about the specific flowers, bushes, vegetables and herbs you want to grow. Take notes so you don’t lose your valuable information!

Make your plant selections. You may have your whole lineup ready, but you might be new to this gardening game. Select the plants that work well in your region and your specific space. Think about soil, shade and sunlight, garden layout, and upkeep.

Plan your timing. After you make your list of plants, you’ll need to schedule when each variety should be put into the ground.

This list is just a start of what it takes to get a garden going, but there are so many tools and resources that can help you get the garden of your dreams. Get ready to put in some hard work...and enjoy the results!