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Start Fresh - Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Kitchen

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It’s our favorite time of year, the time for spring cleaning. Maybe you’ve tackled a few organization projects, or maybe you’ve been putting off the deep clean. No matter where you are in your “spring clean” to-do list, I have a few tips to help you tackle the kitchen.

It is time to let the fresh air in and get that kitchen to sparkle!

There is nothing quite like the feeling of a fresh, clean kitchen. That’s why this post is dedicated to the simple, smart tips for transforming your kitchen from dingy to brilliant. Take an hour, take an afternoon, or take whatever time you have to put these deep clean secrets to work.

Before you get started…

Take care of the “normal” kitchen chores. Run the dishwasher, do any handwashing, and clean off the counters.

Start your spring cleaning session:

Pull out all of the food from the pantry. Toss what is expired, stale, or nearly empty. Wipe down all pantry shelves and dry well. Now, put all food back in and consider new ways to organize each shelf. You may use baskets or bins for easy access.

Now, get to work on the fridge and freezer, one at a time. Do the same process here.

Next, clean and organize your storage cabinets. Start with one shelf or drawer at a time. Set aside seasonal items and find a less-used storage space for them. Group like items together and label shelves and containers.

Spring Cleaning with Rabbit CreekAfter your cabinets and pantry are clean, start scrubbing your appliances. Clean and polish the exterior of your stove, oven, and small appliances. Wash the inside of the microwave and run the oven cleaner.

Now you’re ready for the nitty gritty - Give your counters, cabinet exteriors, and floors a solid cleaning. Wash throw rugs, sweep the floor, and then mop.

One place you will not want to forget is your garbage disposal. The disposal can be a hidden source of odors and making them disappear is easier than you might think. Simply, run 1/2 cup of white vinegar and one lemon cut into wedges down your disposal. First, add the vinegar to kill bacteria and then the lemons to leave a fresh sent. 

At this point, your kitchen will smell clean and fresh. You may be surprised at how good it looks after a deep cleaning! It’s time to take a break and enjoy your hard work!

Do you love spring cleaning? We like hearing new tips for making cleaning the kitchen a fun process. Leave your ideas below.