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A Journey Home, Rabbit Creek's Artisanal Bread

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A Journey Home! Rabbit Creek's Artisanal Bread

Rustic White Artisan Bread (No Knead)

So, it’s snowing outside and you’re on the way home, the snowflakes whipping by in your headlights reminding you of a jump to hyperdrive on your escape from Hoth. Pulling into the driveway and trudging through what seem miles of snow the glow from the kitchen window shines forth like the last bastion of hope at the end of your journey. Inside, shrugging off the cold, your olfactory nerves are assaulted with a flying dragon kick leaving you reeling; what is that mouth watering, must eat it now smell? Rabidly you look around trying to spot where this most glorious sensation is coming from. THERE! By the oven sits the golden object of your salvation. In a trance you slowly make your way across the linoleum, afraid that this hunger mirage will vanish, leaving you with a sense of hollowness. You’ve made it! This can’t be right though, but it is, it’s Rabbit Creek’s new Artisanal No-Knead bread. As if by its own volition you see your hand reach forward and almost caressingly saw a portion off onto the cutting board. Amid a quartet of horns and angel’s choir you take that first tantalizing bite, to your crust and crumb famished mind this seems like the culmination of mankind’s endeavors.

Italian Herb Artisan Bread (No Knead)

This is what will run through the minds of people who lay eyes upon Rabbit Creek Products’ Artisanal No-Knead bread, a no-knead yeast bread that is easy to make and enjoy. 

Where Can You Find Out More About Rabbit Creek!

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