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​The Secret to Amazing Back to School Lunches

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It’s the age old question. How do you make lunch fun for your kids when they head back to school? And how do you make the task of packing lunches easier on you? Day in and day out, peanut butter and jelly can get boring. You want them to eat healthy, but they won’t eat what they don’t like. Now is the time to spice it up, make lunch fun for you and your kids and give them something to look forward to.

Make Lunch Fun

There are so many simple things you can do to make your child’s lunch a little more special each day.

1. Write a daily note – make it funny, add a picture or a reminder of something fun you planned for the weekend

2. Cut sandwiches into shapes with large cookie cutters

3. Roll up luncheon meats and cheeses for a breadless alternative that’s fun to eat

4. Draw funny faces on sandwich bags to give lunch a personality

5. Put fruits or veggies on kabobs (best for older kids) – anything on a stick is more exciting

6. Some assembly required items – separate parts of a food item like a pizza or soft taco they can put together themselves

7. Wrap it – tortilla wraps are a good alternative to sandwich bread

School Lunch Idea

Make Lunch Easy on You

By the end of the day, the last thing you want to do it put together lunches for your kids. It’s a chore all parents soon tire of after years and years of school lunches under their belts. When a task becomes mundane, we often get less creative and just do what we did before. Keeping it simple and fun for the lunch packer in the family is important

1. Make more dinner – leftovers of their favorite meal are perfect for a hot       lunch in a thermos

2. Plan – making a grocery list with ideas each week and planning out           lunch menus makes it easier when you are too tired to think of ideas at the end of the day

3. Buy good containers – high-quality containers with separate compartments are worth it, they last longer and keep       foods from spilling together

4. Add to your recipes – anytime a food it a hit, add it to your ongoing list of weekly menus and rotate through them for     added variety

5. Frozen lunch bags can be stored in the freezer for quick early morning use

6. Cute plastic or fabric bags will make packaging a little less boring

Rabbit Creek makes it even easier

Weekend prep can make life easier for school lunches. Rabbit Creek has several gourmet mixes that will please palates while making life simple. You can’t go wrong with a  fruit or veggie dip that everyone will love. If you have a picky eater and find it hard to get vegetables in them, add a little container of dip to their carrots or celery and they just might like it. Rabbit Creek has unique options that could be the next family favorite. Surprise them with an extra special treat from Rabbit Creek’s variety of  Muffin Cookie or  Brownie Mixes. They require minimal time and effort to whip up, and kids will love to see them in their lunches. You might even get an extra hug off the bus when they get home. Making back to school lunches can be fun for all with Rabbit Creek and a little creativity.