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The Winner Of The Rabbit Creek Slow Cooker Recipe Contest Is...

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We are excited to announce the winner of our 2015 Slow Cooker Recipe Contest. There were so many great recipes that it was hard to pick just one. Using a slow cooker is such a time saver, and we are so happy to share with you all of the amazing recipes that everyone entered.

Our office filled with excitement as we prepared the recipes. The smells were amazing, and we could not wait to taste the mouthwatering meals that were slowly cooking away. Each slow cooker recipe offered just a little something different, and it was so fun to try the slow cooker comfort foods. After much debate, we were finally able to make a decision and pick a winning recipe.

The Winner Of The Slow Cooker Recipe Contest Is...

The winning recipe is Smoky Hot Albondigas Slow Cooker Soup, submitted by Darlene D Buerger of Peoria, AZ. This delicious recipe has it all and will not disappoint you or your family. Please find this spicy slow cooker soup recipe on our website.

To see all of the recipes entered in our slow cooker contest, simply click on “Slow Cooker" under the recipe section on our website. We would like to thank everyone who participated in the soup contest and invite you to enter all of our recipe contests. You can find the current recipe contest on our website.

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