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​Think ahead to summer with a little escape

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Warmer days are right around the corner, but until we can enjoy the sunshine in our flip flops, we still have to put on our jackets and face the chilly temperatures. That doesn’t mean that we can’t pretend we are laying on the beach soaking up the rays. We put together some ideas to help you kick the winter blues and get ready for brighter days.

Here are our simple ideas to help you look forward to the warm summer months:

Summer Drinks

Rabbit Creek Mojito Slush

The first thing I imagine when I’m dreaming of summer is the beach. The second thing I see is an icy cold beverage. Our slush mixes are fruity and delicious. We have classic flavors like margarita or hawaiian. if you’re feeling adventurous, try our chocolate martini slush or mojito slush. Just add ice, liquor (or wine) and blend! For extra island flair, pour these into margarita glasses and pop a little umbrella in each drink.

Summer Music

I like to get in the right mood by creating the perfect playlist. Hop on itunes or spotify and pull your favorite summer jams. Beach tunes and classic summer party songs are great. Anything tropical should have a place on the list, too.

Summer Salads

Rabbit Creek Tropical Chicken Salad Mix

When the temperatures rise, I find myself eating fewer hot, hearty meals. Instead, I look for fresh fruits and veggies and light, bright flavors. Salads are an excellent option. I like to mix up a chicken or grain salad and spoon it on top of spinach or romaine lettuce. Tropical chicken salad is such a fun take on the classic. Just mix chicken, pineapple and miracle whip up with the mix and you have a refreshing meal ready in no time.

What are you waiting for? Turn on those tunes and start dreaming about the beach!