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​Throw an End of Summer Bash

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End of the Summer PartySchool may be in session, but that doesn’t mean that summer is officially over! The season of sunshine hasn’t actually ended yet, and we think that it deserves a proper send-off. An end of summer party is perfect for the kids and adults alike. Think of it as one last hurrah before your days are filled with pumpkin spice, crunchy leaves and cozy sweaters.

There are really only two essentials for a sayonara summer party, and one of those is a pool. The other, of course, is good food for the crowd!

3 must haves for an end of summer party feast:

  • A mix of foods for that all guests will like ask your guests if kids or parents have food allergies or follow gluten free diets. Think about kids tastes and what their parents might enjoy.
  • Something sweet, a celebration like this deserves a fun sweet treat. Ice cream cake or popsicles fit perfectly.
  • Portable snacks, kids don’t sit still for long, so cater to them with grab and go snacks in small paper cups or food on a stick.

Go with a low maintenance party meal

This party is all about relaxing and enjoying the tail end of summer, so let your crockpot do the work for you! Prep your meal before bed or in the morning. Just 8 hours later, your main dish is ready to go for the party guests. Tortilla soup is a crowd pleaser. Slow cooker pulled pork pairs nicely with soft rolls. Whatever you choose, make sure it is a worry-free recipe!

Rabbit Creek Summer Party

Don’t forget the dip!

Everyone knows that the dip usually steals the show at the party. I’m a fan of most dips, from hot cheesy corn dips to light and cool fruit dip, and every variation between. If a dip requires only a few ingredients, I’m an even bigger fan. Most of our dips only require mixing a few ingredients with the dip mix. It really couldn’t get much simpler.

Send them out with a treat

A small party favor will be the icing on the cake for your end of summer party. A batch of limoncello cookies for the parents and a batch of classic chocolate chip cookies for the little ones will send your guests away with a smile.