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​Welcome Your Kids to the Kitchen

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Kids in the kitchen with Rabbit Creek Some children are mini chefs from the time they can hold a spoon. They want to stir, pour, taste test, and clean up after they’re done. Other kids try to stay away from the kitchen until it is time to eat. Children go through different phases with their interest in cooking. At any of these phases, you can help by getting them familiar with the world of cooking and baking.

Welcoming kids to the kitchen involves different steps depending on their age, personality, and more. A younger child may need to see how much fun you’re having before getting into it. Older children may have a favorite food that they can learn to make. You can help your kids feel comfortable with different recipes as they are ready for new and more difficult methods.

Check out these tips for introducing your children to the kitchen

The little ones:

Younger kids need to have the right kitchen tools. Look for utensils that work for small hands and fun, bright items to make cooking fun.

  1. Grab a bright, sturdy stepstool so they can safely reach the counter.
  2. Let them choose a fun apron to call their own.
  3. Find a cookbook made for kids so they can flip through pictures of the foods you make together.

Rabbit Creek Cooking with Kids

School-aged kids:

When your kids start school, they might get more interested in helping in the kitchen. Let them help you shop for groceries and start teaching them new techniques.

  1. Let them pick the menu. Trust their creativity and taste buds, then help them put together a snack or a meal.
  2. Show them how to use kitchen tools and appliances. Blenders, cheese graters, and other utensils are fun for kids to learn.
  3. Help them learn kitchen safety. With more freedom in the kitchen comes more responsibility, so show them how to safely use tools and gadgets.

We love to hear stories about kids in the kitchen -- Share yours below. Don’t forget about our junior chef contest. Check out the rules here and follow the blog for more on cooking with your children this month.